The Lathrop story begins in 1878 when Noah Lathrop purchased a sawmill. He began sawing lumber in the notch of Bristol, Vermont. His son, Clarence G. Lathrop, moved from the notch to a farm on Bristol flats and used the sawmill to saw out lumber for his farm. His son, Claire C. Lathrop, purchased the sawmill setting it up in 1941 on South Street in Bristol. The mill has remained at this location for 75 years.

Claire Lathrop Band Mill Inc. was successfully run by Claire C. and his wife Ruth until their retirement in 1994. Son, James Lathrop, purchased the mill continuing the Lathrop legacy. His family owned and operated the mill including his wife Claire S. in the office and sons Jason and Justin in the mills. They continued to focus on producing high-quality lumber.  The operation consisted of 2 main sawmills, a pallet mill and an expansion of forestry operations. The mill business continued to produce 12 million board feet of lumber per year, shipped world wide. 

Unfortunately, a massive fire impacted the sawmill operations in 2006. After the devastating fire, the Lathrop family made the difficult decision to auction off some of the mill machinery that survived the fires. Claire Lathrop Band Mill Inc. then merged with Lathrop Brothers Logging, owned and operated since 1994 by brothers Jason and Justin Lathrop.  

The family could see, shifting the focus from lumber to logging, that the Lathrop legacy would continue. With the retirement of James and Claire S. Lathrop in 2014, Jason and Justin Lathrop have provided the same services with no interruption. They recognize the reward of sustainable logging, combined with producing clean biomass wood chips, is a great niche market. 

Lathrop Forest Products enjoys working for independent land owners and large sawmills. Jason and Justin were taught to be honest, hardworking, and dedicated to the forests of Vermont. Lathrop Forest Products carries on this proud tradition since 1878.