Lathrop Forest Products Owners


Jason Lathrop - Owner and All Operations Supervisor

As a 6th generation Vermont woodsman, Jason has been working in the woods in one capacity or another since he was 8 years old. After graduating from Mt. Abraham UHS and the Hannaford Career Center, he attended Paul Smith's College. Upon graduation, he acquired a Forestry Technicians degree. Jason also holds Master Logger Certification. He enjoys his memberships in the American Society of Foresters, Northeastern Loggers Association, Vt Truck & Bus, and the Vermont Forest Products Association. Over the last 25 years he has continued his education via the LEAP Program participating in yearly training.

 In 1994 Jason was hired by Claire Lathrop Band Mill Inc. as the Log Yard Manager and Head of Mill Maintenance. Jason worked for the mill for 12 years while at the same time starting his own logging company, with his brother, Lathrop Brothers Logging.

In 2006 a devastating fire at the mill forced his father Jim Lathrop to either close the mill or change the focus of the operations. Jason agreed to stay on and fold Lathrop Brothers Logging into the mill business and Lathrop Forest Products was born. Since 2006 Jason and brother Justin Lathrop have grown the logging division and took over operations from Jim Lathrop in 2014. Jason supervises all functions of the LFP operations. 

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Justin Lathrop - Owner and Landing Supervisor 

As a 6th generation woodsman Justin has been working in the woods since he was 7 years old.  He started out limbing trees on the landing or doing whatever work needed to be done. After graduation from Mt. Abraham UHS and the Hannaford Career Center, he went on to attend Haywood Community College in NC where he received certifications in Lumber Grading and Saw Shop Filing-Saw Maintenance. Justin worked as a Head Sawyer and Lumber Grader at Claire Lathrop Band Mill Inc. for 12 years while simultaneously developing Lathrop Brothers Logging with brother Jason Lathrop. 

In 2006 after a mill fire devastated Claire Lathrop Band Mill Inc. operations, he agreed to fold the Lathrop Brothers Logging business into the mill operations. With this change came a new job. Justin happily headed out of the mill into the woods as the main Cutter/Feller Buncher Operator and Logging Supervisor. Justin serves in this capacity today and has grown the logging division to be the core of the Lathrop Forest Products. Justin receives continuing education on a yearly basis via the LEAP Program and maintains memberships in Northeastern Loggers Association, Vt Truck & Bus, as well as the Vermont Forest Products Association.

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Jodi Lathrop - Owner and Business Manager


For more than 20 years, Jodi Lathrop has been working in the LFP office. Born and raised in Lincoln, Vermont, Jodi went to high school at Mount Abraham Union High School. After graduating, she attended Lyndon State College where she played on the LSC Rugby Team and also served as the LSC Newspaper Editor. Jodi graduated from LSC with a BA in English and a minor in journalism and media production.

During high school and while attending college, Jodi also worked many other jobs before coming to LFP. Jodi was brought on the LFP team over 20 years ago when she met her husband, Jason Lathrop. Jodi acts as the only operations and business manager at Lathrop Forest Products. Some of her duties include: maintaining relationships with all partners, vendors and suppliers, gathering, analyzing and interpreting external and internal data, writing reports, assessing the overall company performance against objectives, ensuring adherence to legal rules and guidelines, accounting, payroll and all other human resource functions. 

Lathrop Forest Product Crew Members

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Gary Smith - Yard and Maintance Manager

Gary wears many hats at LFP he is a versatile employee. Some days he could be running a chipper producing biomass chips. Some days driving truck. Some days he could be working in the garage fixing machinery. Gary's background as a longtime farmer here in Addison county has given him a broad skill base. He can tackle any job we put before him. He started driving truck for LFP in the winter of 2012 delivering biomass chips to the schools. We soon realized he could do many things besides drive truck. He hopes to retire in a few years and has been working on his vast expanse of hobbies. From raising bison to making maple syrup. He loves to spend time with his grand kids. You can find him taking them to the races or fishing on Lake Dunmore. One things for sure, they will learn a bunch from him.


Mark Humiston - Equipment Operator 

Mark Humiston has been an equipment operator here at LFP since 2005. Mark has always been a woodsman. He first started working for his family's logging company and then on his own. LFP got lucky with the retirement of his parents. Mark did work on his own for a few years but missed being part of a crew. Somehow Jim, Jason and Justin convinced him to hop into a skidder here at LFP and help them speed up their production. Mark is a versatile employee and can operate several machines. He is true woodsman through and through from logging to deer hunting. We can't imagine him not in the woods. For 50 weeks out the year you can find him in a skidder or a forwarder but when deer season starts we know he's in a tree stand somewhere in VT. 

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Tristan Lathrop - Equipment Operator 

Lathrop Brothers Logging 1996

Lathrop Brothers Logging 1996