Sustainable Large-Scale Logging

Typical Lathrop Forest Product’s Best Management Procedures (BMP) Include…

  1. Proper skid-trail placement.
  2. Installation of water bars to prevent erosion.
  3. Installation and monitoring of temporary stream crossings followed by removal and stabilization at harvest completion.
  4. Delineation of machine exclusion zones to protect streams, seepages, vernal pools, and wetlands.
  5. Working cooperatively with all foresters involved in every harvest and seeking Burlington Electric Certification and International Paper Certification of log job to ensure best possible price for the landowner of all potential material.

Proper use of efficient equipment and years of expertise will ensure your land is properly and sustainably logged according to forestry prescription.

All state and federal guidelines are voluntarily followed by our logging crews. The same standards are employed on every harvest to ensure that soil and water quality are protected throughout logging operations. Working for the land owners to reach their goals since 1941.